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Lee Sanders

In recent years, Lee has been at the forefront of spectrum developments across the world, helping operators to bid in auctions and regulators to develop spectrum policy.

Lee has over 12 years' experience of advising operators, regulators and government bodies across a broad range of topics, including network sharing, next generation networks and transaction support. Notably Lee has extensive expertise in spectrum issues and has led several high-profile spectrum-related studies for regulators, such as the European Commission, Ofcom (UK) and the IDA (Singapore). He has also led numerous projects to advise operators on spectrum issues, in particular to develop spectrum strategies and to value spectrum. He has supported operators to prepare for and bid in more than 15 spectrum auctions worldwide.

Lee holds B.A. and M.Eng. Degrees in Manufacturing Engineering, both from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Examples of projects which illustrate the breadth of Lee's experience include:

  • Telstra (Australia) - development of a spectrum valuation model, auction bid strategy and on-site tactical support during the 700MHz and 2.6GHz auction.
  • BBC and Channel 4 (UK) - Development of a report to investigate the merits of AIP for broadcasting spectrum.
  • Western European mobile operator - due diligence of a business case for the acquisition of another operator in the market.
  • GSM Association - Development a series of case studies to investigate how regulators have approached clearing and then awarding the 700MHz/800MHz bands.
  • Orange (Switzerland) - development of a spectrum valuation model, auction bid strategy and on-site tactical support during the multi-band auction.
  • European Commission - Study to assess the benefits of a coordinated approach to the digital dividend.
  • IDA (Singapore) - Support to develop a strategy for the digital dividend.
  • OPTA (Netherlands) - Evaluation of the business case for alternative operators to use fibre unbundling.
  • NITA (Denmark) - Mobile spectrum demand forecast.
  • Vodafone and Orange UK - Assessment of the business case for RAN sharing and subsequent assistance in the creation of the new joint venture.

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