Aetha Consulting helps players in the telecoms industry to develop creative and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing them in a constantly changing environment.

We specialise in undertaking rigorous data-driven and quantitative assessments to support major strategic and regulatory decisions.

Our staff have a strong track record in both developing and emerging markets, providing us with a global footprint. We are committed to focusing on quality and exceeding our client's expectations. By helping our clients to solve the issues facing them, we assist in realising the potential of the telecommunications industry to provide a significant contribution to sustainable economic growth and quality of life.

Our services

Our consultants have been contracted to advise on key industry issues, including business plan development, commercial and technical due diligence, market strategy development, interconnection rate setting, radio spectrum policy, spectrum valuation & auction support and provision of expert testimony.

Meet our team

Our senior staff collectively have over 150 person-years of experience of advising telecoms operators, regulators, and manufacturers, as well as financial and legal institutions.

Learn more about Aetha

Our company information pack is available here. Please check our resources section for more information about the recent work we have undertaken.


We are looking for highly talented individuals with a quantitative degree and a passion for telecommunications. Visit our careers page for more information and to hear from some of our employees.